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Over the past decade, the cryptocurrency market had experienced parabolic growth. In 2009 it all started with Bitcoin, and today there are over 20,000 different cryptocurrencies cryptocurrency exchanges spread out all over the world.
As of May 24, 2022, the market cap is $1.25 trillion, and with major financial institutions entering the market, this is just the beginning of another parabolic run.
None of that would be possible without cryptocurrency exchanges. Cryptocurrency exchangesconnect the traders and process the transactions, which makes them an essential part of cryptocurrency ecosystem.
However, there is a shortage of Shariah compliant cryptocurrency exchanges and that is where Biokript will step in. Today there is over 1.9 billion Muslims worldwide and Biokript will offer halal investment opportunities with minimal risk. If only 1% of Muslim population actively use our exchange, that alone would generate nearly 500 million dollars of annual revenue.
This offering will also attract non-Muslim population who are seeking safe and secure return on their investments through our Shariah-compliant platform as well as lucrative opportunity based on Mudarabah principles of profit-sharing with our proprietary BKPT token.
The risk as well as the profits will be evenly split between the company and the investors, and everything will be open and transparent by using smart contracts and blockchain where all the trading profits will be distributed to investors in a fair, efficient, and equitable manner.