To fund the start-up of Biokript exchange investors will be offered Biokript tokens. In return, the holders of BKPT will get the opportunity to receive a percentage of trading fees, listing fees, and profit through price appreciation of Biokript token.
Profit split will be 50/50 between the company and the token holders and according to Islamic Mudarabah principle. All the profits will be distributed to investors based on the number of tokens they are holding.
As an example, if we had weekly trading revenues of $200,000 and if we had a total of 500,000,000 tokens in circulation, our algorithm would automatiacally divide 80,000 with 500,000,000 so for each Biokript token held in the investor’s wallet, investor would get $0.00016 worth of Biokript tokens.(The number is 80,000 and not 200,000, because 40% is distributed to investors as profit, 40% is kept for the company, 10% for the token burn, 5% for the reserve fund, and 5% for the security fund). So if you had 10,000 Biokript tokens in your wallet (worth about $50 at the initial price),investor would earn $1.60 every week - or about 3.2% return per week; 12.8%/month or 153.6%/year.