The basic principles of economics dictate that a product with a rising demand and a declining supply will go up overtime. Our unique business model will amplify that fact in the following way:
1. Our next generation trading platform along with our profit distribution will create a rising demand.
2. Our token burn, which is tied to price appreciation will create a declining supply.
3. Our Shariah-compliant trading platform will attract a huge number of traders from the Islamic world who are looking for Shariah-compliant investments.
4. All of those systems working together will create a price growth.
History bears witness that centralized cryptocurrency exchanges are inefficient and unsecure. Biggest crypto exchanges are still vulnerable to hackers, and they will continue to be their biggest target. Even if hackers are not the problem, the custody of billions of dollarsis entrusted in the hands of a few people and that itself could be a disaster.
If you think that Quadriga could not happen to Binance or Coinbase you are greatly mistaken. Coinbase already stated that in the case of bankruptcy, users’ funds are not secured. One plane crash, the war, or any other unforeseen disaster could kill everyone who holds the private keys of the exchange.
The future is in decentralization and giving the people the control over their own wealth is the way to go. Biokript will be the secure solution to self-custody of crypto while giving the traders the option to trade with the ease and efficiency of a centralized platform.
Last modified 5mo ago