Biokript is the next generation cryptocurrency exchange. With the cutting-edge state technology, it will offer ultra-high-speed trade settlements, low fees, and sufficient liquidity at lowest prices. It is a Web3 solution with near-instant off-chain transactions.
Since Biokript exchange is non-custodial and the investors have the full control of their funds, it will be much easier to secure necessary licensing. This also makes Biokript much more secure than centralized exchanges.
In terms of latency, Biokript has the lowest latency at any point on the globe. Compared to centralized exchanges with latency of 50-450 ms and decentralized exchanges’ latency of 30-120 ms, Biokript will be far ahead of them with latency of 10-50 ms.
Liquidity with centralized and decentralized exchanges is fragmented and in competition for stacking, while Biokript’s liquidity will be aggregated without locking requirements.
With the current exchange system, using cross-chain settlement using bridges is extremely high risk and slow, while Biokript’s layer-3 virtualization, off-chain assets can remain in cold wallets but traded at very low cost.
In terms of decentralization, CEXs are all centralized in data centers and DEXs are centralized by being on a single chain, while Biokript has a true decentralization of business, data centers, and chains.
Since all of the Biokript’s transactions are done on blockchain, everything is transparent and open for review, unlike centralized exchanges where everything is stored inside a single server without any accountability or transparency.